The cone crusher structure is mainly divided into six parts:

Upper frame assembly: upper frame, rolling wall, mat cap, upper body guard

Lower frame assembly: lower frame, lower frame guard, lower frame inner liner, eccentric bushing

Moving cone assembly: main shaft, moving cone body, broken wall

Transmission shaft assembly: sheave, drive shaft, bearing, drive shaft frame, bevel gear

Eccentric sleeve assembly: counterweight ring, eccentric sleeve, large bevel gear, spindle bushing

Hydraulic cylinder assembly: medium friction disc, lower friction disc, hydraulic cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder bottom, displacement sensor


Hydraulic System Design Advantages

The hydraulic system integrates hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection. During normal operation, the hydraulic oil pump pumps or drains the spindle cylinder, so that the spindle moves up or down, and the distance between the rolling wall and the crushing wall is reduced or increased to discharge port size.


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